Creating glowing hair in Photoshop

This would be my second Photoshop tutorials as my first tutorial was Creating blasting face off in Photoshop. In this second tutorial we will learn how to create Glowing hair. I am using Windows OS and Photoshop CS5 so these screen shoot and tutorial will be based on Windows and Photoshop CS5. What we need to prepare for this tutorial will be image and brush. For the image, you can download it here and brush is here.

Here is the final image that we will learn this time.

Photoshop glowing hair

Step 1

Open new layer with size you want to have. However i used 800x600 pixel in this tutorial. Once you have your new layer, just double click on the layer to unlock the layer, then will come up new dialog, lets name it as "Solid BG" then click OK. First we need to create a group layer to make the layers well organized. With "Solid BG" layer active, press "ctrl+G" or you can go to Menu>Layer>Group Layer. You will see "Solid BG" inside the group. Double click the group and rename it "BG".

Now we are going to make a solid BG color with little dark gray. Go to Menu > Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map. Set Gradient Map with these #191919 and #282828 colors as below details.

Step 2

OK now we have dark gray background, but we still need to create another background with some clouds inside. Create new layer inside "BG" group, and name it with "Clouds BG". Pick Menu>Filter>Render>Clouds and now you will clouds on your layer. You need to pick the dark clouds rather than bright one, you can press "ctrl+F" several times until you meet the most dark clouds. Set the Blending Mode to "Color Dodge".

Still in this step, we need to create final background with a Brown looking. With "Clouds BG" active, right click then pick "blending option".

You will have "Blending option" dialog, thick and pick "Gradient Overlay" and set the Blend Mode to "Multiply". Just clink the Gradient color then you will have a new Gradient Editor dialog, you can set the colors to #613e2b and #503323 then click OK on Gradient Editor and Layer Style dialog and you should have something like this below.

Step 3

In this step now we are going to edit the main object. You can download the object I am using at Sisca. Its my friend's photowork. OK you have you have the object, then place it on left and we are going to work with "Masking" to remove the background of the object. First, open "Sisca.jpg" as layer and must be out of group because we will create another group for this object. Rename the "Sisca.jpg" layer with "Sisca" then press "ctrl+G" to create a group on it. Also rename the group with "Body".

With Sisca layer selecting, go to Menu>Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal All. See below image.

Then go to "Tool Bar" and select "Pen Tool".

Step 4

OK, we are ready to remove the object background. Make points out of the body of the image. See below image.

Done with pointing using "Pen Tool" for the entire the body of the object, "right click" and select "Make Selection" then you will meet new dialog, set the "Feather Radius" to 1 pixel and click OK. See image below step.

After that inverse the selection by pressing "ctrl+alt+shift" then press "Delete". In this point, you have to make sure that "Layer mask thumbnail" of sisca layer is active. And you should have something like this below.

Step 5

We need a little bit darker and we will use "Exposure" and "Curves". Still in "Body" group, go to Menu>Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Exposure and set the value as below image. Repeat this step for "Curves".


The following image is the result.

Step 6

Ok now you have done with Sisca object, next we are going to create "Glow Hair". For "Glow Hair", I am using smoke brush called "Revnart Smoke" you can download it here. Once you done with extracting "Revnart Smoke" to your brush preset then activate that brush. First, create a group and rename it with "Smoke" and add new layer and rename it "hair 1". Go to Brush setting, and set the size, angle and flip as the following.

Once you select the brush, select the "white color" and brush it by three times click in order to have solid and strong color close to the face. Well, we need to remove the un-wanted smoke line so we will use "Masking". Click "Add vector mask" on "hair 1" layer then pick "Erase Tool" on a tool bar and set Foregone and Background color as black and white. White color is to remove and black color is to heal.

After you are done with removing using masking, you will have something like this.

Repeat this step until you find the glowing hair as you want. You need to remember that, I repeated this step by adding new layer for each brush, so there will be more layers for these hairs.

For now here is our final result.

Step 7

One step more, we still need to remove a black hair on an object. Create a new layer in the bottom of "Smoke Group" and rename it with "white hair". First, reset your brush by normal brush and select "Soft Round" brush, set the size to 2 pixel and set the "Opacity" to 35%.

Start to draw the black area on hair.

Step 8

Last step is, we need a little darker so hair will come up with glow looks. Ok, with "Smoke" group selected on layers, go to Menu>Layer>New Fill Layer>Gradient then click OK. Set the gradient color to #613e2b and #503323 as we did on "Step 2" then click OK. Set mode to "Subtract" and "Opacity" to 58%.

And finally, here is the result of Photoshop glowing hair tutorial.

Photoshop glowing hair

That’s it the Glowing hair Photoshop tutorial. If you’re enjoying this tutorial you can surf other stuffs in this website might be useful for you. And of course we provide you for keeping up to date for other stuffs by subscribe on our RSS Fed.

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