Paid to Review: Maximizing Your Revenue



Paid to review is one of some business internet marketing method that publisher can do. Of course paid to review is still needed because SERP (Seach Engine Result Page) needs backlinks. Backlink is like a brochure to let Search Engine know about existence of a site/blog. The more backlinks the blog have, than more famous the site on Search Engine. We might think about Google Algorithm on previous year; Penguin. Yeah Google lunched Penguin as it defensive to fight low quality blogs network. I know that some publishers that had doing paid to review on that time, had ruin time by facing Penguin. Read more

How to create a clean desktop wallpaper

clean dekstop wallpaper


Hello there .. It’s been long time since my last tutorial How to create glowing hair. Ok, here I would like to give you a very basic tutorial in Photoshop. It seems how to make clean design for your own desktop wallpaper and we will only focus on Blending Options and Shape easily. Final result would be such below image: Read more

Creating glowing hair in Photoshop

How to create glowing hair in photoshop


This would be my second Photoshop tutorials as my first tutorial was Creating blasting face off in Photoshop. In this second tutorial we will learn how to create Glowing hair. I am using Windows OS and Photoshop CS5 so these screen shoot and tutorial will be based on Windows and Photoshop CS5. What we need to prepare for this tutorial will be image and brush. For the image, you can download it here and brush is here.

Here is the final image that we will learn this time. Read more

Create Blasting Face Off in Photoshop

final result


Hello, this is my first tutorial in this website. This time I will show how to create your photo looks blasting in parts of your face. In this tutorial I use one of my friend photo’s collections. Well, first you have to provide your photo. You can use other photo you like to edit or you will use my friend’s photo, here : Original Dimas

And the final result should be like this : Read more

Free 5 High Quality Abstract Photoshop Brushes



Photoshop is the most familiar tool in design your portofolio. When you want to create some abstracts image working with photoshop, naturally you will need some brushes there. Brush tool has important role in photoshop when you are working with. Brushes will flow in your dekstop as your hard imagination. Here are the high quality photoshop abstract brushes.

Abstract Brushes 1 Read more